Retention Resources (dba: Tours of Enchantment) is a consulting firm specializing in creating extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime travel and special event experiences for discerning individual and corporate clientele worldwide.  Our unique events are intended to help you enhance relationships with key customers, suppliers and employees…hence our name; Retention Resources.

We are not a typical travel agency.  We focus solely on creating unique experiences that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.  As such, we operate far differently than other travel or special events companies, including the requirement of a retainer* prior to designing your program.  If you are looking for anything that fits the norm, we suggest you contact an alternative travel or event planner.

The company was founded by Gregory Lee Patrick, known as the DreamMaker, in 1988, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Over the past 2 decades we have operated programs on nearly every continent using our international network of suppliers and privately-owned properties.

Our staff (the ‘Dream Team’) of highly experienced travel and event planning professionals are selectively chosen for their creativity and their ability to think “outside the box”.  This, coupled with our commitment to unparalleled personalized service, results in long-lasting client relationships that have become our company’s most valued asset.

Our Mission…
To be the world's premier provider of spectacular special events and extraordinary travel experiences for our clientele.

Our Vision…
By creating highly unique travel and special event programs, we work in partnership with our clients to enhance their most valued relationships.  Every client is equally important to our success. No detail is too small or unimportant.  Complete commitment to perfection and excellence are exhibited daily by the enthusiasm, loyalty and “can do” attitude of our world-class employees.  “Teamwork” is our code.  Supporting this winning environment is Retention Resources’ commitment to ongoing technological advancement and to provide value to our clients through a worldwide knowledge base built on the first-hand destination and venue experience of our staff.

Our Motto…
Our service is limited only by your imagination!



For events other than those that Retention Resources advertises as pre-planned, we require an event retainer in the amount of 10% of the estimated program budget, or $5,000, whichever is greater.  This retainer covers the cost of research and proposal development for your event and is payable regardless of whether you end up booking the event.  When the event is booked, the retainer will be fully credited towards the purchase price.  If the event is not booked, we will hold the balance of the retainer for a period of two years.  Within that period of time, you may book another event with us and we will credit 100% of the retainer towards the purchase price of the new event.  If you do not book an event with us within that period of time, the retainer is not refundable.