Gregory L. Patrick

Since founding Houston-based Retention Resources, Gregory Patrick has made his mark on the travel industry by creating unique, one-of-a kind fantasy trips for the well-heeled clientele that can afford them.

Mr. Patrick’s travel career began when he started a charter service that featured ‘rock star’ style coaches for trips to local attractions in Texas and Louisiana.

Later, upon reading about some wealthy English landowners with one too many tax problems, he began offering his growing clientele the opportunity to live the life of the ‘manor born’ for a week while staying at exclusive private castles and estates in the British Isles.

Since that time, Mr. Patrick has arranged for clients to stay in Randy Travis’ Hawaiian beach house, Princess Diana and Jane Seymour’s English estates, and Mick Jagger’s Mustique island home, just to name a few of the unique venues that he has arranged. But that’s just the beginning. The experiences created while at those venues are what truly distinguishes him as the ‘Dream Maker’.

What’s different about Mr. Patrick’s approach is that each trip is unique and custom designed. When approached by a potential client, Gregory, or one of his executive staff, conducts an extensive interview about their personal interests and desires, then begins to build the travel experience around those dreams and fantasies - coupled with a few of his own.