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The World’s Best Incentives
Killer Salesman magazine

The undisputed king of the incentive trip resides in Houston, Texas. Event designer Greg Patrick, president of Tours of Enchantment, specializes in organizing bespoke holidays for the staff of big name companies like Hitachi, IKON, Entex, and Baker Hughes. At his disposal he has a wide variety of accommodation, including Jane Seymour’s castle and Mick Jagger’s holiday home, and he’s “never sold the same experience twice.” He has arranged pheasant hunting in the Czech Republic and sheep shooting in Mongolia. The only constraints are your boss’s budget and imagination.

A recent trip to Italy incorporated the following: your choice of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati or Porsche for the drive from Florence to Santa Marguerita; greeting under a shower of rose petals by a children’s choir; dinner with Prince and Princess Corsini as well as Laura and Guccio Gucci (of the famous fashion brand); private jet to a Sting concert in Stadthalle; Lake Como by helicopter and lunch at the restaurant of 24 Fishes.

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