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These are a sample of recent comments we have received from our customers…

Comments About - Their overall travel experience with Tours of Enchantment…

"This clearly exceeded other (group) trips that I've been on. The villa experience was far superior to even the best hotels in the world… and I've had the privilege of staying in most of them. The service you provide is incomparable!"
- Laura Gilmore, Acapulco, 2001

"How do you purify 18 K gold?! There was just simply no way to improve on this experience!"
- Timothy Ray, Acapulco, 2001

"Our trip was a huge success and you are to be congratulated on an exceptional effort! It is my hope and intent that we will share many more experiences - although it will be damn hard to top this one! Hail to the chief!"
- Kathy Stinehour, South Africa, 1996

"The balance of scheduled activities and 'free time' was perfect, and the execution of your entire staff was flawless. You exceeded, by far, our very high expectations!"
- John Mullins, Las Brisas, 2001

"When Joe and I began discussing vacation plans we knew we wanted something 'different'. The idea of going on a trip that was modeled out of a typical tourist brochure was very unappealing to us. We wanted something that spoke to us personally, something that embodied what we enjoy most. "Impossible!" we thought. In three weeks, however, Joe and I would experience the perfect vacation. You have spoiled us forever! Your product is unique, affordable and best of all, a dream come true!"
- Irene McKinley, Ambergris Caye, 1993

"Thank you for a trip of a lifetime! I can't tell you how much we loved our trip. Thank you for the first class treatment and the wonderful unique experiences, like spending an afternoon with a real Zulu prince and his tribe! You really know how to do things right. Thank you again…and again…and again!"
- Doug and Leesa Adcock, South Africa, 1996

"Over the top! It is impossible to compare an experience such as this to a 'normal' vacation at a hotel - even in a suite. The service, friendliness, and professionalism of the house staff and Tours of Enchantment staff is unmatched!"
- Mark Cook, Acapulco, 2001

"Pure class and total knowledge of everything needed to make the destination perfect! There is no comparison to other vacations due to the lodging and being waited on hand and foot. I honestly can't think of anything that could be improved!"
- Katheryn Claire, Acapulco, 2001

"This trip felt like a real vacation rather than a 'corporate program'! The accommodations were fabulous and the food was superb. This was the best trip we have ever taken!"
- Carol Schackman, Mexico, 2001

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Comments About - The "special touches" that made their experience memorable

"What a great incentive trip! Dropping thousands of rose petals over the yacht was a fabulous experience"
- Marlene Brivic, Acapulco, 2001

"The whole trip was an incredible experience! The food was great (I ate way too much), and I especially liked the little touches; like the ice cold face towels by the pool"
- Debra Ford, Las Brisas, 2001

"This trip was above all others because of the small touches…like cold face cloths and ice cream after boating"
- Richard Paukert Jr., Las Brisas, 2001

"Our Jamaican vacation was terrific from start to finish. The police (motorcade) that escorted our limos were a wonderful way to begin and end our stay. It was very unique and it made us all feel like dignitaries!
- Eileen Silverman, Jamaica, 1995

"I especially appreciate the mariachi band and the beautiful cake that you arranged to celebrate Kim's birthday. They set the tone for what was, in my opinion, the best evening of our trip!
- Mary Aldrich, Caribbean, 1996

"I really liked being checked in to the hotel prior to arrival. Excellent Idea!"
- Heather Masten, Acapulco, 2001

"I liked the 'all inclusive' food and beverages on the trip. This really makes it special compared to typical incentive trips."
- Kenny Rafanan, Mexico, 2001

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Comments About - Our level of service…

"The Tours of Enchantment staff were exceptional- there is nothing I can think of that could have been done more professionally! The whole trip was absolutely amazing - we felt honored and privileged to host such an outstanding trip!"
- Carrie Brown, Mexico, 2001

"This was beyond anything I have ever experienced! Your staff made us feel very, very pampered!"
- Sandra Harris, Caribbean, 2001

"The level of personal attention and service made this vacation stand heads and shoulders above any other. I felt like a VIP rather than a tourist the entire time!"
- Bill Mould, Las Brisas, 2001

"What I will always remember is the willingness of Tours of Enchantment to meet our every need. I felt like I was on Fantasy Island!
- Tammy Ray, Acapulco, 2001

"You went over the top on the "Oh, Wow" factor! This was by far the best trip I've ever been on. The Tours of Enchantment staff were incredibly friendly, flexible and professional. I truly felt like royalty for five days!"
- Sheila Brewster, Mexico, 2001

"This is the best trip I've ever had. I think a lot of it had to do with your staff"
- Angie Gonzalez, Acapulco, 2001

"Everyone was Great! I asked for a lot of things and not once did anyone say no, rather they let me get it done. Much Appreciated! Now, I just need a couple of days to get some sleep!"
- Michael Babbitt, Mexico, 2001

"Your staff was outstanding and professional to the end. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"
- Cleve Bryant, Mexico, 2001

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